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The Magic Argan Trees outside Aourir

There is a place where magic trees can be found. The famous Argan Trees have survived through the ages and take the place of witnesses of ancient times.

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Cooking Rfissa with Amine Bousksou

We spent a great day with Amine Bousksou – the magic cook from Agadir. He introduced us to the art of Moroccan cooking and gave us a little insight into the preparation of a very special chicken dish.


Petanque Tournament and Training Week

We had a sporty week here on the camping site in Aourir: Petanque was the game of our choice this week! They were days of joy and laughter but also of ambition and excitement at our Petanque Tournament at Camping Aourir.

Country and People Hiking tours Sights & Landmarks

Hike to the hot source M’Hand

Our challenging hiking destination was the hot source or hot fountain called “M’Hand”. So we did a hike about 5 km away from the campsite in the hinterland of Agadir / Aourir with a wonderful hiking weather.

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Art exhibition at Coopérative Talayte in Alma

We were at the very interesting art exhibition and Inauguration of the Coopérative Artistique Féminine Talayte and were very happy about this visit.

About the Campsite

New signs and restaurant billboard

Today we mounted new signs for the campsite and finished our restaurant billboard. It worked well but it was also very challenging!