La Petite Tente Bleue


“La Petite Tente Bleue” stands for a typical rural countryside moroccan cuisine, where the greatest love is put into cooking, grilling and serving. The restaurant is gently and professionally run by female team members, who take great care to ensure high quality at all times. But remember, we are just a campsite restaurant!

Menu & Prices

We keep this menu card always up-to-date, from time to time it can change because of the season or the current situation. We are also constantly expanding our offer – in any case, we are pleased to welcome you in our little restaurant.

Opening hours

Our little restaurant “La Petite Tente Bleue” is open from monday to sundays from 8:30 am to 6.30 pm. If you have special plans or requests for larger groups, we naturally have special opening hours – just ask, we look forward to welcoming you.


Our selection of beverages

Our selection of beverages which we offer you in the restaurant “La Petite Tente Bleue”. We also frequently have seasonal juices and smoothies on our restaurant card, which you will only find in the beverage card directly on the spot.

Cola / Fanta / Sprite12 Dh (0,3 l)
Hawai / POMS Apple12 Dh (0,3 l)
Schweppes Dry Tonic12 Dh (0,3 l)
Mineral water6 Dh (0,5 l)
12 Dh (1,5 l)
Sparkling water6 Dh (0,5 l)
12 Dh (1,0 l)
Orange juice15 Dh (0,3 l)
Peppermint Tea10 Dh
Black Tea10 Dh
Verveine10 Dh
Hot chocolate12 Dh
Coffee Nous-Nous12 Dh
Latte Macchiato15 Dh
Espresso10 Dh


Tajine – our pride and passion

The tajine, heart and soul of Moroccan cuisine, as well as ours. We are happy to offer you our tajines prepared with love. There is something for all tastes. Even vegetarian variations and special seasonal recipes.

Tajine kefta with eggs40 Dh (small)
80 Dh (medium)
120 Dh (large)
Tajine with meat40 Dh (small)
80 Dh (medium)
140 Dh (large)
Tajine with chicken40 Dh (small)
80 Dh (medium)
150 Dh (large)
Tajine with fish50 Dh (small)
90 Dh (medium)
160 Dh (large)
House Tajine with Seafood50 Dh (small)
90 Dh (medium)
160 Dh (large)


Cous Cous at the restaurant "La Petite Tente Bleue"
A maghrebian heritage to preserve – the couscous

The couscous holds us all together, not only in Morocco! The couscous is a great dish that we prepare with honour. That’s not the only reason why we only serve couscous on advance order or on one of our famous couscous days.

Couscous à la maison45 Dh (small)
120 Dh (medium)
180 Dh (large)
Couscous à la maison
Grand Plat for 7 Pers.
230 Dh


Moroccan specialities – as a side dish or individually

Our Moroccan specialities range from our soups, various salads and sandwiches to variations of our delicious Berber omelette. Everything is prepared with the spices and recipes of the south.

Harira Soup (Vegetarian)10 Dh
Harira Soup (Kefta)12 Dh
Harira Soup with Lamb and White Beans15 Dh
Chicken Soup13 Dh
Red lentil Soup12 Dh
Chickpea and Sweet Potato Soup12 Dh
Moroccan Salad12 Dh (small)
15 Dh (medium)
Chief’s Salad25 Dh
Salad Provencal/Niçoise25 Dh
Vegetable Salad17 Dh
Hamburger à la maison with Fries28 Dh
Cheeseburger à la maison with Fries30 Dh
Omelette-Sandwich with fine Herbs25 Dh
Sandwich with Eggs (cold)15 Dh
Sandwich with Merguez22 Dh
Cheese Panini20 Dh
Cheese Panini + Tomatoes & Pesto22 Dh
Meatball Panini (Kefta)25 Dh


Delicious side dishes to accompany every plate or to make the little ones look big

Whether it’s the fries, a small side salad, olives or extra bread – of course you can always order extra or refill. Or make it big for the little ones.

French fries + Ketchup / Mayonnaise12 Dh (small)
15 Dh (medium)
22 Dh (large)
Small side dishes salad à la maison15 Dh
Small cup of Kefta18 Dh
Small cup of Olives12 Dh


The best way to start the day is with a breakfast that makes you happy, and then the day will be happy too

We offer you a classic Moroccan breakfast which leaves nothing to be desired. For the basic breakfast you can pack all kinds of things in addition.




Moroccan Breakfast
With orange juice + coffee or tea + butter + jam + olive oil + cheese
25.00 MAD



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