New signs and restaurant billboard

New signs and restaurant billboard

Finally we had some time to take care of our new restaurant sign or billboard on the roof of the restaurant

Rashid putting the letters on the restaurant billboard on our campsite
Rashid applying the letters on the restaurant billboard

After long discussions and considerations we could finally finish our restaurant sign and mount it on the roof of the restaurant.

For quite some time we had mounted the new restaurant billboard or signs on our campsite. And always thought that we should let our friendly painter write on it. Unfortunately we had to find out that this friendly guy can’t really write and read. So it was very difficult for him to paint letters and words. So we thought intensively about the best way to find a good solution.

But the painter could take care of the primer and the background color. Which, of course, is based on our old pink that we use for most things. He could also decorate the tajine in the middle of the restaurant wall.

For the actual lettering we had letters or words made with our house font in Agadir. That was the best idea to make it possible. At first we thought that this would be a simple thing – unfortunately it was not. It was very complex with a lot of sweat on hands and shoulders.

First we had to transfer the words from an adhesive foil to a transfer foil. We also had to transfer the words directly to the restaurant wall. This was a very nerve-racking affair, especially as the restaurant’s billboard was not on the ground with us! So we had to climb on the billboard on the roof every time. But take a look at our little picture story and see how Rashid and I try to do everything well!

Fortunately it worked quite well and Rashid and I were very proud that we finally made it!

At the same time we also got new signs for the campsite and installed them. We hope that the camping guests will find their way better and easier. Let’s see if we can adapt these signs to our camping design – I think so. But right now this is a good improvement.

I hope you all like it,
Yours sincerely, Jamal.


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