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Hike to the hot source M’Hand

Our challenging hiking destination was the hot source or hot fountain called “M’Hand”. So we did a hike about 5 km away from the campsite in the hinterland of Agadir / Aourir with a wonderful hiking weather.

Our mission was a hike to the hot source M’Hand

So we put on our hiking boots again and we got going! Our challenging hiking destination was the hot source or hot fountain called “M’Hand” on the Ait Mhaned Plateau (Ait Mohand, Ain Sokhna). We walked about 5 km away from the campsite in the hinterland of Agadir / Aourir with a wonderful hiking weather.

We are Andrea, Chantal, Leandre, Roland, Jean Claude and Gerlinde – an ambitious team when it comes to hikes and walking tours. In addition our two hiking-dogs Buddy and Oranne are also always present on our walks. It went immediately demanding and steeply up the mountain, always in a zigzag walk through a Qued. So roughly 5 km can feel like 50 km. But hey we want to hike, so lets go! After about 40 minutes it was sweaty accomplished and we had climbed the first mountain. We were rewarded by a wonderful panorama and comprehensive all-round view. And deep below us we discovered our campsite, but far away!

Our hiking tours around our campsite are always a special experience! You can enjoy the beautiful landscape and do something good for your health!

Now we went on our ambitious walking tour with a wonderful view over the high plateaus. Through dry farmland and through some small villages, which have settled here in the hinterland on the Ait Mhaned plateau (also titled as Ait Mohand and Ain Sokhna). After about 1 hour we reached our hiking destination. The hot source called “M’Hand”. There were not many people there yet, but the small pool was already occupied by local bathers. The hot water, which is constantly splashing out of the rock, is collected in a small typical moroccan makeshift bathing pool. And really has a hot temperature of 45 – 50 degrees! I have tried and test it myself! This place would be really beautiful if it weren’t so full of rubbish. Another older bathing pool on the hot source was destroyed!

It is often difficult to understand that the locals here do not value their environment or what they own and care for. But often even willfully damage and smut. But we must leave this to the moroccans, it is their country and their live.

After a short break we made our adventurous walking tour back from “M’Hand” and enjoyed the beautiful landscape again! The way is the goal, people say! So do we on our hike! And in Morocco this is often a very special experience.

A few impressions of our hike to the hot source M’Hand

More information about our hike to M’Hand

You can find more pictures from this trip on Flickr, if you want to look at Google Maps – here is the link. Or use one of the following buttons.

All the best and see you soon.

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By Gerlinde Mokhlis

Assistance to the campsite management and management of the restaurant "La Petite Tente Bleue". Gerlinde has worked for many years as a teacher in Germany. She is very fond of art and sports, which is why Gerlinde always likes to take care of events and sports activities. She organizes hikes in the immediate surroundings of the campsite, but also excursions to longings by car or in a taxi convoy for several people. Gerlinde is more than the good soul of the campsite. You are welcome to contact Gerlinde with your questions - she will do everything to help you. But also give her a break!

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