Cooking Moroccan Chicken Rfissa with Amine Bousksou!

We spent a great day with Amine Bousksou – the magic cook from Agadir. He introduced us to the art of Moroccan cooking and gave us a little insight into the preparation of a very special chicken dish – Moroccan Chicken Rfissa!

We cooked Rfissa with chicken! A very popular Moroccan dish. One of the most delicious traditional Moroccan dishes. It is a Berber dish and consists of a variant of Msemen – a puff pastry.

The chicken Rfissa is a variation of Trid (Tharid, Arabic ثريد, ṯarīd; also known as Taghrib, Tashreeb and Thareed). A Moroccan dish that has its origins in Tharid. What is a centuries-old Arabic dish of stew and broth served over bread and consisting of cooked meat and bread. There are also many variations of this Tharid dish.

It is considered in Islam as the favourite dish of the Prophet Mohammed, who said about his favourite wife Aisha: “She surpasses other women just as the Tarid surpasses other dishes”.

The simplest version of the dish is to dip bread in the meat broth and eat it together with the meat. In another version, bread and meat are placed on top of each other in several layers. In Syria, a similar dish is called fatteh – also very tasty! It is prepared by mixing roasted and crushed pita bread with yogurt and cooked meat. For the Moroccan trid, cooked meat is layered between paper-thin layers of dough (warqa).

The characteristic broth of the rfissa is unique and fragrant with Ras el Hanout, fenugreek seeds, saffron and other spices. Although the rfissa does not have to be an elegant dish, it is unforgettably delicious and is considered by many to be one of the finest Moroccan dishes.

We learned a lot about the important spices and which coordinated processes are necessary in the preparation. Karim, the organizer of our outstanding New Year’s Eve break, was also on the kitchen front.

We had a lot of fun and when the dish was ready – it was a work of art, we were also extremely delighted and delighted with the taste.

It was a great experience that we would like to repeat – In schā’ Allāh.

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