Camping Aourir Morocco

Camping Aourir is your affordable campsite and a perfect place for caravan travellers! You find us between Aourir and the beautiful Paradise Valley, near Agadir.

Welcome to our charming little Campsite in Aourir

Camping Aourir is a unique, quiet and affordable campground in southern Morocco. A moroccan/german managed Campsite near Agadir. For motor caravanners, hikers and dog owners — Camping Aourir is the perfect place to stay. Of course you can also come to us with trailers, tents or rent an apartment.

Because of the proximity of the atlantic coast, you can quickly reach the sea and the really beautiful beaches of the surrounding area. And as a result, you can just as easily return to the quiet and calm valleys behind Aourir. Where the campsite is located — far away from the hustle and bustle on the coast!


Regarding the current Corona situation, we have to comply with certain restrictions. But the good news is, the campsite is open!

Find your ferry route to Morocco. In times of Corona not all ferry companies operate and it can be difficult.
Ferry lines from Sète and Genova to Nador and Tangier.
Camping vacations in Morocco?

If you want to go to Morocco, with your Camper, Caravan or Motorcycle – no matter with what and do Camping? Then it works with a valid Corona-Test and an Invitation through a Campsite, for example with us!

With this Personal Invitation and a negative Corona test, you will make it onto the ferry and across the border toward Morocco.

What you need to do for it!
  1. Write us an e-mail and book a period where you want to camp with us on the campsite. This can be changed afterwards of course flexible.
  2. Tell us your full name – as it is written in your passport, also we need the passport number and nationality – of each person who wants to enter!
  3. In this E-Mail, please also inform us of the Car or Vehicle License Plate Number, with which you wish to enter the country.

After that we will send you an Invitation Document (PDF), with this Data, plus a Campsite Pitch Number, at our campsite.

Please Print this Invitation and carry it with your valid Corona-Test when entering the Country. It is possible that you will be asked for it when boarding the Ferry in Sète or Genova also!

Ferry Connections can be found on the relevant Portals such as,, or directly with the Ferry Companies such as or

Stay safe for yourself and for others!

You can easily find us on the national road P1001, after about 3 km behind the coastal town of Aourir near Agadir. Embedded and surrounded by gently rolling hills and mountains on the way to the dreamlike paradise valley of Morocco or to the impressively situated high mountain village Imouzzer of Ida-Outanane. You can find driving directions here.

If you want to get an idea or overview of our campsite, no problem! Scroll down a little further and have a look at the following small selection of pictures. Of course, we also have a general photo gallery available for you to have a closer look on photos about us. You can also have a look at our Camping Blog which we update constantly.

A few impressions from our photo gallery

Camping Aourir is perfectly suitable for Those who are looking for some Peace and Quitness!

Especially for single travelers, for couples and seniors, for hikers and dog owners, for all those who are looking for some peace and quietness – Camping Aourir is perfect.

We are not a luxury campsite! We offer just a limited number of facilities, but we are an honest and affordable campsite. And we has made our mission to provide guests a warm and pleasant stay.

All camping adventurers who have already been with us know what they can treasure about us. Therefore, we also want to be there for you and your stay.

Our motorhome pitches and tent sites

In the campsite a view of the lower terrace

Our Camping Pitches on the Campsite have different sizes. Camping Aourir offers a Home for everything from VW Bus or Caravan to XXL Motorhomes & RV’s.

Also, the Camping Pitches are different in Terms of Comfort. So there are Camping Pitches with Electricity-, Water- and Sewage-Connection, but also Standard Camping Pitches that only have an Electricity-Connection are available.

For Campers who come with a Tent, there is a small shady Argan-Grove where you can Camp & Tent, but it is also possible to choose a Camping Pitch for your Tent.

You can find the Camping Price List here.

The Camping Restaurant “La Petite Tente Bleue”

The terrace in front of the restaurant "La Petite Tente Bleue" on the campground in Aourir – Camping Aourir

Also a small and reasonably priced but exquisite Restaurant, with a delicious Moroccan Cuisine is also located on the Campsite – the Restaurant “La Petite Tente Bleue”.

Here you will find the delicious and typical dishes of Morocco, prepared with Love and according to traditional and rural Recipes. A Menu can also be arranged here for larger Groups, but advance Reservation is necessary.

The Restaurant has a small Dining Room, a covered Terrace and a larger Terrace with Parasols in front of the Restaurant. But of course you will also be served and taken care of at the Swimming Pool or we deliver directly to your Camping Pitch.

You can find our Menucard here.

Our Campsite Swimming Pool

The pool

There is also a small Swimming Pool – free of charge for our Camping Guests. The Swimming Pool is located behind the Restaurant. Sunbeds are available and if you wish you can be served there from the Restaurant.

There is a small Aarea for Non-Swimmers or Children and an Area where the Water is a little deeper. A Shower with hot and cold Water is also available.

In the Winter Months you will find Peace and Quiet here and you are mostly among yourselves with the other Campers. In the Summer Months the Swimming Pool is a welcome Place to cool down and accordingly there is a lot going on.

Here you find a few Impressions around the Swimming Pool.

Our Camping Apartments

On the Campsite you will also find 3 modest, but clean and nice Apartments with basic Equipment which you can rent. Please book these Apartments in advance, as they are often already occupied or booked – just contact us for this.

The Apartments are located behind the Reception, in the Area of the Restaurant and the Swimming Pool. A Parking Place for your Car is of course included in the Price. The Apartments have three Rooms. An open plan Living-, Dining- and Kitchen-Area, as well as a Bathroom with Shower and Toilet and a Bedroom with Double Beds.

Air Conditioning, Refrigerator and Satellite TV are also included in each Apartment. The Kitchen is equipped with basic Cutlery and Crockery for 4 People, and Comforters and extra Blankets are also provided for the Bedroom. Wifi in the Apartments is also free of Charge.

You can find some Impression of the Apartments in our Photo Gallery.

Shopping Facilities Around the Campsite

At the Campsite in Aourir you will also find a small Store, so you will find the most necessary Things for Daily Needs. Gas Bottles are also sold here – these are the Moroccan gas bottles! But we take care of the connection (Gas Bottle Adapter + Hose), so that you have no Problems with the Operation at your Camper or Caravan. Several times a Week, depending on how many Campers are on the Campsite, a friendly Greengrocer comes, as often as other Vendors with Baked Goods or Meat and Fish.

The lively Village of Aourir, where you can find everything, such as Stores, Banks and Pharmacies, is only 5 minutes away from the Campsite. And if you want to do some major Shopping, you can drive to nearby Agadir and go to one of the big Supermarkets like Marjane, Carrefour, Aswak Assalam or Uniprix. Often a Shuttle Service is offered, so you don’t have to drive there with your own Motorhome.


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