The art exhibition by Artistique Féminine Coopérative Talayte in Alma 2019

On Sunday, March 23rd, we were invited to an interesting art exhibition and vernissage. It was the very engaging Women’s Coopérative Talayte in Alma. The joyful reason for the art exhibition was the inauguration and handing over of an own building for the cooperative. Alma is a small village and you will find it about 8 km behind Aourir. Therfor you have to take the road towards Paradise Valley and Imouzzer des Ida-Outanane with its famous waterfall.

Artistique Féminine Coopérative Talayte in Alma

This group of women paint beautiful pictures in their leisure time. They bundle a bunch of desire and fantasy in their art work. They are called Women’s Artistic Cooperative Talayte (Coopérative Artistique Féminine Talayte).

Talayte, which means “bundle” in Amazigh, is the name. Given in 2010 by 14 women from the village of Alma (Aourir/Agadir), to your newly founded cooperative. This heartwarming cooperative is part of the Women’s Talents Project of the “Kane Ya Makane” association. Which promotes the socio-economic development of women through art.

Inauguration of the new Atelier House of the Coopérative Artistique Féminine Talayte in Alma.

The reason for the engaging art exhibition was the handing over of a separate building for the Coopérative Artistique Féminine Talayte. The studio building is equipped with a work and an exhibition room. All paintings of the Talayte Group are of course also for sale!

At the Talayte Group’s vernissage, there was a lot going on! There were many visitors who showed a lot of interest and affection. A wonderful catering with tea and sweet pastry was also offered. We really liked it a lot and we would like to thank the Talayte Group of female painters from Alma!

We keep our fingers crossed that everything is going well! And that the awareness and sale of the works of art is developing also. We will be back soon to buy one or some of these interesting works to equip our apartments with.

A few impressions of the art exhibition by the Coopérative Artistique Féminine Talayte

Some more videos from the art exhibition and vernissage by Talayte Group

More information about the vernissage at Talayte Group

You can find more information at the Women’s Artistic Cooperative of Women’s Art Talayte by looking at the facebook page of the organisation. And also in the very good Webblog Le Blog d’Agadir by Michel Terrier. Or use one of the following buttons.

All the best and see you soon.

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