House rules

The management of the campsite welcomes you and asks you to respect the following rules in order to guarantee a pleasant stay to all guests.

The stay at the campsite implies the respect of these rules.


The Camping Aourir House Rules apply to all campers, guests and visitors staying at the campsite – including the apartments, the swimming pool or the restaurant. These house rules regulate the obligations arising from the code of conduct for campers and guests of the campsite when using the accommodation and regulate the use of the facilities and equipment of the campsite.

It is a condition of access to the campsite to fully accept and comply with these regulations. They may be supplemented by other rules at the discretion of the management in order to improve the functioning of the campsite and / or the safety of the our campers or guests.

The staff of the campsite is obliged to ensure compliance with these rules and to report violations to the management. Failure to comply with the regulations by campers, guests and visitors of the campsite may result in expulsion from the campsite.

The price list and the general terms and conditions are part of the regulations.

Guests registration, departure and payment

  • Upon arrival, campers must register at the reception before entering the campsite. At this time, campers must present identification documents for all persons who will be staying at the campsite. Any animals brought to the campsite must also be declared.
  • Pitches for campers may be assigned only by the campsite staff.
  • External guests or visitors to campers on the campsite may enter the campsite only with the consent of the management and only once a day – exceptions must be clarified with the management.
  • Campers on the campsite is obliged to announce external guests or visitors at the reception.
  • External guests or visitors’ vehicles are to be parked in front of the reception and may not be driven onto the site. Exceptions only apply to the transport of goods or disabilities and must be clarified in advance with management.
  • If campers on the campsite intend to leave the site for one or more nights and leave their tents, camper vans or caravans on the campsite, they must notify the reception – unreported absences will be charged in full.
  • Before leaving the campsite, campers must report their departure and settle the bills for the services provided – payments are possible only during the opening hours of the reception.
  • Campers are requested to collect their documents on the day of deposit. The management is not responsible for forgotten documents. These can be forwarded to the holder at the expense of the recipient.
  • Departure without payment of accommodation costs or theft of campsite property by campers, guests and visitors will in any case be reported to the local police authorities.

Rules of conduct when renting apartments

When renting our camping apartments you commit to the following rules:

  • When staying overnight in our apartments, the same rest times apply as for the rest of the campsite, furthermore, we ask you to respect the guests in the adjacent apartments and to refrain from a too noisy behavior.
  • The apartments are to be left as they are being found, broom cleaning is obligatory. If the apartment is left behind too messy, an additional cleaning fee of 200 DH is charged.
  • All damaged objects or equipment will be charged, except for proven accidents that cannot be attributed to the tenant or age-related conditions. All detected defects must be reported promptly after taking over the apartments, otherwise they are null and void and will be attributed to the tenant.
  • It is not allowed to smoke or even open fire in the apartments. Please leave the apartment to smoke.
  • The overnight stay of guests in the apartments is allowed only with prior agreement with the campsite management.

Use of the camping pitches

  • The camping pitches are allocated exclusively by the campsite management or staff, whose instructions must be followed by all campers.
  • Private motor vehicles – especially those of permanent guests – must always be parked near the respective caravan, camper or tent: it is expressly forbidden to park them in any other parking area. Exceptions can be granted in agreement with the management, in this case further costs may be incurred to the camper.
  • Before leaving the campsite, campers must clean and tidy the pitches they occupy and leave them in the same condition in which they were found.
  • Electricity and television cables must comply with current standards.
  • Damage caused to campsite pitches or to the campsite equipment due to the use of incorrect, unkempt or broken equipment by campers, guests and visitors will be charged to the camper.
  • The settlements, plants and connections of the camping pitches are to be treated with care, destructions of intentional or unintentional nature will be charged to the camper.
  • Campers may erect and / or install private devices only after acceptance and approval by the campsite management or staff.

Use of campsite equipment and facilities

  • The campsite has two sanitary buildings: one on the right side of the campsite, one on the left side (both can be found on the campsite map). While the sanitary buildings on one side are cleaned, the sanitary building on the other side is to be used.
  • When using electrical equipment, sanitary facilities or any other equipment on the campsite, guests must follow all rules for safe and careful use. In any case, the function and purpose of the various equipment objects and facilities must be respected.
  • The use of appliances, machines or electrical devices (stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.) that do not meet or comply with the standards for use in campsites is prohibited.
  • The power connection available at the appropriate electrical cabinet provides electricity of up to 3 amperes (this allows, for example, the simultaneous use of lighting, television and refrigerator). The use of devices that require a power supply of more than 3 amperes is to be avoided. Any exceeding of this limit may result in interruption or even permanent impairment of the power supply. The persons responsible for such excesses will be liable for any damage caused.
  • At the guest’s request, a power supply of up to 6 amperes can be provided upon payment of all additional costs incurred.
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave equipment connected to the electricity or gas supply unattended on the assigned pitch or elsewhere. In such cases, the camper, guest and visitor will be civilly and criminally liable for any damage, material or otherwise, caused by such negligent behavior.
  • Dish washing and laundry is allowed only in the specified areas.
  • The use of washing machines requires chips (available at the reception desk). Drying of laundry is possible on the provided clotheslines or on your own pitch, it is forbidden to dry your laundry in other places as mentioned.
  • Washbasins, showers, urinals and toilets are to be used according to their purpose. It should be noted that these are common sanitary facilities intended for all campers.
  • Underage persons and children have access to the campsite only if accompanied by their parents. Children must be accompanied at all times when using the equipment, visiting the toilets and playing in the playground or swimming in the pool. However, the use of equipment and facilities by underage persons and children is always at their own risk and responsibility of their parents / legal representatives or persons accompanying them. The campsite management or our campsite staff does not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage caused to or by unsupervised underage persons and childrens.

Use and safety rules for our swimming pool

We are glad that you visit our swimming pool. The pool is a place for sports, games, fun and recreation. In order to make the stay in the swimming pool safe and enjoyable for all bathers, attention and caution are required. The following instructions are intended to help you with this:


  • The stay in the swimming pool is allowed only in swimwear. You are not allowed to use our swimming pool with underwear, sweatpants or similar. A burkini is the absolute exception here.
  • Please shower thoroughly before using the pools. Should you wish to shower with soap, this is possible in our sanitary buildings.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to shower with soap in the pool area or even to wash with soap in the pool.
  • The consumption and storage of food in the pool and directly by the pool is strictly prohibited. It is possible to eat and store food on the benches, sunbeds and tables. Parents have to take care of their children to respect this rule.

Safety for yourself and others

  • The swimming pool may only be used by safe swimmers.
  • The deep water is dangerous for non-swimmers. Please do not overestimate your strength and ability under any circumstances. There is a danger of drowning!
  • Pay special attention to the transition between the non-swimmer and swimmer areas. If you are not sure where the transition is, ask our staff.
  • Children are especially at risk in and around the water. Parents or other appropriate companions must supervise children at all times! Children can drown even in shallow water.
  • Children who cannot swim must wear water wings or other flotation devices. Keep in mind that buoyancy aids cannot provide absolute safety.
  • Do not jump from the edge of the pool.
  • Floors by the pool are wet and slippery – please go slowly. Fast walking or running is not allowed in the pool.

Interaction with each other

  • Respect and consideration must be shown to other bathers – regardless of age, gender or origin!
  • Please show special consideration for children and the elderly.
  • It is forbidden to photograph strangers in the facility.

Safekeeping of personal belongings and liability in case of theft or accidents on the campsite

  • In the event of theft of campers, guests and visitors’ belongings, destruction of property or negligence on the campsite, the campsite management and our staff can assist and try to clarify the situation, but will not be held responsible in any way for such occurrences.
  • If lost items are found on the campsite, they must be handed in to the management or reception.
  • Any theft or vandalism of property belonging to the campsite or campers, guests and visitors will be reported to the local police authorities.

Environmental protection at the campsite

  • Campers, guests and visitors must use the appropriate blue or green containers located throughout the campground for solid waste disposal. Solid waste may not be left or disposed of in areas or locations other than the designated blue or green containers.
  • Waste shall be separated (e.g. into solid waste, organic waste and plastic bottles) and the containers provided at the campsite shall be used.
  • Campers shall keep the area where they stay clean and tidy.
  • It is strictly forbidden to damage the facilities and equipment in the campsite, dig holes around tents, pour hot and salty liquids and liquid waste into the ground, light fires in the open air or perform other actions that could harm the environment.
  • It is also strictly forbidden to ride motorcycles or scooters in the campsite area, except on the access road between the entrance and the assigned space.
  • All vehicles (including bicycles) must drive at walking speed in the campsite.
  • Motor vehicle or RV engines shall not be warmed up or left running on the campsite.

Water / sewage facilities for chemical toilets for campers

  • Campers can fill up clean water and empty the waste water at the appropriate facilities of the campsite – this also applies to Mobile chemical toilets. Ask at the reception when you do this for the first time in our campsite.
  • It is forbidden to empty Mobile chemical toilets in the sanitary buildings.
  • It is strictly forbidden to dispose of waste water of any kind in areas and / or rooms other than those provided for this purpose. The areas for sewage disposal can be seen on the camping map.

Basic rules, regulations and rest hours at the campsite

  • Campers, guests and visitors must respect the public order and tranquility in the campsite.
  • During the hours established and indicated by the management, i.e. from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and from 10:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m., it is expressly forbidden to drive motor vehicles around the campsite; to make noise that may disturb other campers; to pitch or take down tents and to hold noisy gatherings.
  • Guests arriving after 10:00 p.m. may park in the campground parking lot and check in at the reception desk the morning of the following day.
  • Dogs are to be kept on a leash in and around the campground under the control of their owner. Dogs must be escorted to an area outside the campsite to do their business. Alternatively, the appropriate equipment (scoop and bag) may be used. Owners must be able to provide a health certificate for their animals upon request. The owner alone is liable for any damage caused to third parties by animals.
  • Infectious diseases (not only covid) of humans and animals must be reported immediately to the Campsite management or staff.
  • Campers, guests and visitors are requested to inform the staff at the reception of any defects or malfunctions of the facilities and equipment, as well as violations of the rules of conduct.

Consequences of not following the campsite house rules

  • Campers, guests and visitors shall strictly comply with the provisions of the campsite house rules.
  • In case of a clear violation of the campsite house rules, the campsite management may immediately expel the guest who commits such a violation.

Camping Aourir, 80750 Aourir / Morocco, National road P1001
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