Astonishing restaurant La Réserve Agadir 1960

Restaurant La Réserve Agadir 1960

The astonishing restaurant “La Réserve” in Agadir 1960

A look in the rearview mirror of history in Morocco, the restaurant “La Réserve” in Agadir in the 60’s.

This remarkable restaurant was part of a luxurious resort of the hotel “Marhaba” in Agadir. The restaurant had an unusual and astonishing architecture for that time in Morocco.The “La Réserve” stood on three stilts on the edge of the dunes by the sea in the bay of Agadir. The restaurant had a wonderful panoramic view of the blue ocean and its own small beach with diving tower. The restaurant was visited almost exclusively by wealthy people and the guests of Hotel Marhaba. They went there to enjoy good food and fish caught fresh from the bay of Agadir.

The construction works on this extraordinary building began in 1951 and was designed by the architects Maurice Bassières and Emile Duhon. The restaurant “La Réserve” was opened in 1953.

The earthquake of February 29, in 1960 – in which more than 12,000 inhabitants were victims, destroyed much of the city (up to 90%) and also destroyed the outstanding restaurant “The Reserve”. Unfortunately, there are not many photographs of the building, either from the outside or even less from the inside of the “La Réserve”.

It is a sad pity that there are just a very few pictures and reports from this period. But we put together some interesting links and pictures to the story of the “La Réserve” in Agadir and we hope you find these links interesting and enjoyable:

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