An Excursion or Day Trip near Agadir? – In any Case, the Crocoparc Agadir would be a very good Destination! Not only you will see wild Creatures, but also incredibly beautiful Plants – the Crocoparc Agadir is worth a Recommendation! This adventurous Crocoparc Agadir is an incredible Place with probably the oldest Creatures on Earth and some of the most beautiful Plants in the World.

On the 31st of May 2015, the Crocoparc Agadir (Morocco) celebrated its Opening. To this Day the Crocoparc Agadir has grown further and became more and more beautiful. A real wonderful Recommendation for the whole Family. You can also combine the Excursion with a Meal in the small Restaurant inside the Crocoparc Agadir!

At the inauguration Event 300 Crocodiles were released into the Basins of Crocoparc Agadir. The Crocodiles, which were released at the initiation Ceremony, were exclusively from the Race of the great Nile Crocodiles (Crocodylus Niloticus).

A Walk through the Crocoparc Agadir gives you Information, Impressions and Experience you can rarely experience where else!

In the Crocoparc Agadir you will find individual and quite large and well-designed Swimming Pools for the Crocodiles where you can admire the animals – surrounded by a kind of botanical Theme Park. This botanical, oriental and exotic Paradise makes a Visit and a Walk through the Park so interesting – indeed valuable!

There is the “Blue Garden” where you can admire opulent Blue Succulents. In Addition, there are some Species of Aloe Suzannae.

At the “Exotic Place” you can rest on stone Benches and Chairs in the Shade of large Ficus Plants and Fig Trees. Some of the Plants are over 50 years old and have spectacular Aerial Roots.

In the “Water Garden” there are beautiful Water Lilies like the “Victoria Cruziana“. You can go across a Bridge through a forest of Nile Papyrus (Cyperus Papyrus) and enjoy the Tranquility there.

Two magnificent “Two-Housed Kermes Berries” or also Ombre Trees, in the Spanish Ombú or English “Elephant Tree” are located in the “Tropical Area“. You can see the thick Stems of these Trees.

Along with the huge Bamboo Plants, Palm Trees and Bromeliads as well as other unusual Species, the Walk in the Crocoparc Agadir is a lot of Fun.

But back to the prehistoric creatures of the Crocoparc Agadir – the Crocodylus Niloticus, which are, of course, the main act.

Pretty waterfalls and cascades reach the water with oxygen and pass through the many areas planted with plants to keep the water filtered. The partly majestic crocodiles can cool up in the water and warm up under the sun on special zones. Sandy areas are equipped for spawning crocodile women. Areas and Pools with different levels help to keep crocodile battles in check.

In an area, wich is housed in a kind of grotto, you will learn more about the species of Nile crocodiles. You can also get an interesting view of the baby station or a part of the breeding in the Crocoparc Agadir. In any case, you can look through a window front, behind you will see some individual small glass basins where baby crocodiles are located. Even with the smallest one, you can see the typical attitude and a motionless mine of these creatures. Particularly interesting is, when the small ones swim in the water up and down – here one can study through the clear water, the paddle movements of the crocodile legs while they swim.

Unfortunately the big crocodiles were very lazy during our visit! The crocodiles lay mainly lazily in the sun and hardly moved – a little, hardly noticeably. We can not say whether this is seasonally or the right natural behavior or whether the crocodiles have just been fed.

Once only once a crocodile moved faster – but that was so fast, incredibly fast! All other crocodiles were then for a long time with high-headed skull there and have watched if still more happens! It would be interesting to see if there are feeding times when you can watch the crocodiles!

How to find Crocoparc Agadir

The marvelous and adventurous Crocoparc in Agadir can be found at or near the suburb of Drarga – on the near outskirts of Agadir.

For example, take the national road no. 8 towards motorway A7 to Agadir/Marrakech along the national road no. 1 or no. 10 from Agadir. After the roundabout or the turnoff from the national road no. 1 to the national road no. 8 it is only 2-3 km. It is best to look at the route on our Google Map.

There are also possibilities to get to the crocodile park by taxi or bus or public transport. However, the following information should be checked again, as this may change again and again – preferably with a call at the Crocoparc Agadir or via the Crocoparc Agadir website.


Adress of the Crocoparc in Agadir:
RN 8 – PK 16 – BP 246

+212 (0)5 28 29 79 31
+212 (0)5 28 29 79 32


Public transport
Bus lines 5 and 9 from ALSA bus company go to Drarga. More information about the ALSA website.

Crocoparc Shuttle Bus
Departure to the park every day at 9:30 am and 2:30 pm from Uniprix Agadir.

Opening hours of the Crocoparc Agadir

Until 31st August
From 10am to 9pm

From the 1st of September
From 10am to 7pm

From October 30th
From 10am to 6pm

From the 11th of November
From 10am to 5.30pm

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