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Contact us, send us your message or book a reservation – through our contact form, we will provide you with a feedback as soon as possible.

To help you and support your amazing adventure, you should provide us with important information about your travel. If you should consider this as necessary, please do so. If you would like a call back from uns, for your contact request, we need a telephone number.


Regarding the current Corona situation, we have to comply with certain restrictions. But the good news is, the campsite is open!

Find your ferry route to Morocco. In times of Corona not all ferry companies operate and it can be difficult.
Ferry lines from Sète and Genova to Nador and Tangier.
Camping vacations in Morocco?

If you want to go to Morocco, with your Camper, Caravan or Motorcycle – no matter with what and do Camping? Then it works with a valid Corona-Test and an Invitation through a Campsite, for example with us!

With this Personal Invitation and a negative Corona test, you will make it onto the ferry and across the border toward Morocco.

What you need to do for it!
  1. Write us an e-mail and book a period where you want to camp with us on the campsite. This can be changed afterwards of course flexible.
  2. Tell us your full name – as it is written in your passport, also we need the passport number and nationality – of each person who wants to enter!
  3. In this E-Mail, please also inform us of the Car or Vehicle License Plate Number, with which you wish to enter the country.

After that we will send you an Invitation Document (PDF), with this Data, plus a Campsite Pitch Number, at our campsite.

Please Print this Invitation and carry it with your valid Corona-Test when entering the Country. It is possible that you will be asked for it when boarding the Ferry in Sète or Genova also!

Ferry Connections can be found on the relevant Portals such as,, or directly with the Ferry Companies such as or

Stay safe for yourself and for others!



Because we are located outside Aourir, we have no exact address. But you will find us just 5 km to Aourir on the route to Imouzzer of Ida-Outanane (Road P1001) – you will not be able to miss us.

Camping Aourir
80750 Aourir (10 km to Agadir)
National road P1001
5 Km after Aourir, Route Imouzzer
Postbox 302 (Aourir Post Office)

Geo-Coordinates to find us
Lat., long.: 30.49462, -9.62331

Freephone number (only in Morocco)
+212 (0)808501653

+212 (0)648977661 / +212 (0)618111175

E-Mail adress

How to find Camping Aourir


Our campsite is located in the valleys behind Aourir. On the route to Imouzzer des Ida-Outanane and its waterfalls. Protected by hills and mountains, in the delightful countryside of the Souss-Massa region. How to find us & roadmap


Our campsite and the whole staff is of course child-friendly. But we are not really specialised in that and we don’t have a real playground. But we have a very nice and really not too small swimming pool where the children can have fun swimming. But they must be accompanied by parents or adults (mandatory).  On the large open spaces there are plenty of opportunities to play and we have a selection of Berg Gokart kettcars which can be rented.


If you would like to book a pitch for your caravan, motorhome or tent in advance, an advance payment is required. Regarding our apartments, this is mandatory, to be sure to get one. If you check in directly on site, we do not require an advance payment. You can find our prices here and a campsitemap here.


Yes dogs of any kind are allowed on our campsite. It is however absolutely necessary that the dogs are insured (mandatory). All responsibility for the dog lies within the owner. In our Map & Rules flyer you can find more information about the dog keeping at our campsite.


For more important information please visit our About us page. If anything is still unclear, please do not hesitate to send us an email or visit us on our social media platforms.