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Corona Update February 2021

Information about Corona & Camping in Morocco

Since we are recently informed you about the invitation of campsites and this should enable RV and camping travelers to enter Morocco, we would like to give a small update on the current situation. All information provided here has been researched by us and is of course only temporarily up to date. However, the links provided may be helpful for longer term information. At the moment, however, it is clear that a crossing to Morocco is de facto not possible, as France has closed the borders.

Morocco extends health emergency up to March 10, 2021

Council of Governments decides to extend the legal regulatory condition for COVID-19 containment measures for more than one month.

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The Government Council in Rabat met last Thursday (February 4, 2021), led by Prime Minister El Othmani, in the Moroccan capital and decided to extend the health emergency in the entire Kingdom of Morocco until March 10, 2021. The aim is to further prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

With the renewed extension, all travel restrictions, sanitary regulations, and border closures remain in effect. The health emergency gives authorities the power to take containment measures without consulting regional or local parliaments if the number of new coronavirus infections increases. A similar situation exists in the central government in Rabat, where the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior can now decide to impose nationwide curfews or intervene in the economic lives of Moroccans without consulting parliament. This, of course, also affects all tourist activities of hotels and campsites.

In Morocco, as in countless other countries, it is hoped that the vaccination campaign will help pave the way back to a normal life and finally be able to open up completely to tourists again. However, a complete return to normal life will probably only be achieved when a sufficiently high “herd immunity” is reached in the Kingdom of Morocco as well as in the important countries with which there are significant exchanges. However, the mutation of the coronaviruses scares many people also.

Vaccination has started in Morocco

In December 2020, the Moroccan government had stated that 65 million doses of vaccine had been ordered. Vaccination has now been carried out in Morocco since January 28, 2021.

In Morocco, the vaccination campaign started a few days ago – at the end of January. The country has received the first vaccine deliveries from the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca and the Chinese Sinopharm. King Mohammed VI of Morocco launched the national vaccination campaign against the Covid 19 virus at the Royal Palace in Fés and was demonstratively the first person in the country to receive a vaccine dose. These guests are intended to build confidence among the population and help ensure that, if possible, a clear majority of people in the country take up the offer of voluntary COVID-19 vaccination.

Initially, Moroccans over 17 should be vaccinated free of charge, representing 25 million of the 36 million population. Priority will be given to health workers over 40, teachers over 45, and civil servants, military personnel and people over 75.

Also here in Aourir the vaccination has started and also older people have already received their vaccination. Also our campsite patron has picked up his first vaccination and is looking forward to the second rendezvous.

To make this possible, we deeply thank King Mohammed VI of Morocco for his foresight, compassion and love for our country and people.

But does it have relevance to camping in Morocco

In principle, the current events in Morocco have little effect on the camping tourists in the country – is in fact everything as it was. But regarding the decision of France to close the borders, an departure to Morocco is not possible. Read below the most important statements about the current situation.

At the moment, everything seems to be unclear again and we also have to reorient ourselves. Currently, we are also guided by the generally available information that we can get on the Internet. As soon as we have news from the institutions and authorities in the region, we will inform you.

On various websites you can read that the borders are closed again and only for professional or commercial projects special permits can be made valid. The aerospace to Morocco is closed in principle, the ferry traffic stopped and the border crossings in Ceuta and Melilla are closed. The German ADAC reports: No entry for campers to Morocco!


The German Embassy Rabat shares the following information on its website or on Facebook, with an update on the situation on 03.02.2021:

  • The Moroccan government has announced that the following tightened infection control measures, which have been in effect since 23/12/2020, will be extended for an initial additional two weeks, up to and including 16/02/2021
  • A comprehensive nationwide nighttime curfew is in effect from 21:00 – 06:00. Overland travel is also prohibited during this time.
  • There is a general closing time at 8:00 p.m. for all public filings, eating establishments, and businesses.
  • A general ban on all gatherings and celebrations is in effect.
  • All nationwide as well as locally restricted infection control measures (see below) previously issued by the authorities continue to apply unchanged.
  • Regulations are subject to change at any time. Please inform yourself locally about the respective valid exit and travel restrictions as well as other infection protection regulations and be sure to follow the instructions of the Moroccan authorities and security forces.
  • Morocco has been severely affected by COVID-19 – extra caution is advised.

The countrywide and locally limited infection control measures to which reference is made also state the following: According to the Moroccan Confederation of Entrepreneurs (CGEM), it is now possible for business travelers from visa-free countries to enter Morocco. However, an official confirmation from the Moroccan side is still pending. The following requirements for entry are to be considered.

1. Invitation by a Moroccan company
Printout on paper with letterhead of the inviting company with the following details.

  • Company Identification Number (Identification Commun de l’Entreprise),
  • Commercial Register number (Registre de Commerce),
  • address of the company, signature and seal of an authorized
  • authorized signatory of the company, business purpose, surname(s), first name(s)
  • (s) of the traveler(s), passport number(s) of the traveler(s), date of arrival in
  • Morocco, place of stay in Morocco

2. CR test not older than 72 hours (from sample collection)

Entry for tourist purposes from visa-free countries should be possible upon presentation of a hotel booking confirmation and a PCR test, not older than 72 hours (from sample collection).

Source: Communiqué Royal Air Maroc via the website of the German Embassy Rabat

Original information on the website of the German Embassy Rabat
(You need to scroll down)

In this sense, this still corresponds to the information we have from the camping association in Morocco, that invitations – as this is also described about a hotel reservation are valid. Also, we read in forums and Facebook entries that campers currently come and manage the entry to Morocco.


If you look at the website “Coronavirus – Travel conditions – Answers to important questions” of the French Embassy you will get the following information:

  • According to the measures announced by the government on January the 29th 2021 and from January the 31st 2021, any entry into France and any exit from our territory in or from a country outside the European area is prohibited except for compelling reasons. Personal or family order, health emergencies or professional reasons that can not be postponed.
  • All travelers must be able to provide a certificate stating the relevant reason for the trip.
  • Travelers with compelling reason (and present the required supporting documents) are further required to present the result of a negative PCR test conducted within 72 hours prior to departure.
  • Upon arrival in France, travelers must isolate themselves for 7 days and undergo a second virological screening test (RT-PCR) at the end of this seven-day period.

On the website of the French Embassy there is more information about the topic and we ask you to consider them as well. But basically the current statement is clear: no travel from France to Morocco for tourist motives.


Our current standpoint on the situation of camping life in Morocco

  1. We will be working to get more updated and verified information in the very near future.
  2. We still offer to provide an invitation to interested travelers, but we do not guarantee that the entry under the current, as well as further updated conditions, can take place successfully
  3. In addition, we ask all interested parties to inform themselves and, if necessary, to contact their own consulate or embassy to get reliable information
  4. We ask all to be careful in these unpredictable times

By Gerlinde Mokhlis

Assistance to the campsite management and management of the restaurant "La Petite Tente Bleue". Gerlinde has worked for many years as a teacher in Germany. She is very fond of art and sports, which is why Gerlinde always likes to take care of events and sports activities. She organizes hikes in the immediate surroundings of the campsite, but also excursions to longings by car or in a taxi convoy for several people. Gerlinde is more than the good soul of the campsite. You are welcome to contact Gerlinde with your questions - she will do everything to help you. But also give her a break!

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