On our Campsite you will find three basic Vacation Apartments. The Apartments are located behind the Reception in an oblong Building one after the other.

These are simple but grounded Rooms where you can find Peace and enjoy your Stay at the Campsite. You can have Self-Catering, TV and Air-Conditioning is also available.

The Apartments have different sizes and are suitable for Singles and Couples or Groups of up to 4 People. We do not recommend our Apartments for Families with Children. Bringing Pets is not a Problem. On Request, the Apartments will be cleaned for you – even on a daily basis, if this is important for you. Our Prices for the Apartments can be found on our Campsite Price List.

If you are interested in booking an Apartment on Camping Aourir, just contact us by E-Mail.

Introduction of the individual Apartments

A brief Overview of the Characteristics or Details of the Vacation Apartments on Camping Aourir. More Pictures of the Apartments can be found in our Photo Gallery.

Picture of the first Apartment of three. You can see the Entrance Door. Through the following Link you can see more Pictures of the Rooms and Interior.

Apartemt No.1

Apartment one is located directly behind the Reception. Together with Apartment 3 it is one of the two smaller Apartments and can be occupied with Maximum 4 Persons – but we recommend only 2 Persons. However, it is the Apartment with the largest Bedroom.

Apartemt No.2

Apartment two is the largest Apartment on the Campsite, with a very large Kitchen/Dining Room and Living Room unit. More than 2 People can stay here without any Problems. However, the basic Equipment is identical to the two smaller Apartments.

Apartemt No.3

Apartment three is located at the end of the Building and is comparable in size to Apartment one. The Proportion is slightly different, so that here the Bedroom is smaller and the Living Area is somewhat larger. Therefore, 3 People can be well accommodated here. In front of the Apartment is a Staircase from which you can get to the Apartments from the Parking Spaces.


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