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Picture of the grand entrance gate to Camping Aourir in Morocco.
Grand entrance gate to the Camping Aourir in Morocco.

The campsite Aourir is located in a valley behind the so-called banana village Aourir – about 12 kilometers before Agadir, and was founded in 2011 by Gerlinde and Lahcen Mokhlis.

It is about 3 hectares in size and offers about 100 pitches with two sanitary buildings. On the campsite there is also a restaurant with terrace, a swimming pool, an apartment building with 3 budget holiday apartments.

Camping Aouir is not so much a place for animation and partying, but rather a place where like-minded people of all nations can find a place to rest and recharge their batteries for more adventure tours in beautiful, pure and amazing Morocco.

Gerlinde & Lahcen

When Gerlind and Lahcen pursued the idea of opening a campsite near Agadir, they had already gained some experience in the camping business. The Kocherfreibad with campingsite in Künzelsau was run by the two for many years as a sideline business.

At that time Gerlinde was employed as a teacher at the nearby educational center Niedernhall, while Lahcen was a popular bus driver for young and old in the regional area of the Hohenlohe country region.

But when retirement time had begun for both of them, at the same time the situation in Künzelsau had changed, they left the beloved Kocherfreibad to the city of Künzelsau again and committed themselves to the adventure of a campsite in Morocco.

Gerlinde and Lahcen Mokhlis, leaning on the right tower of the grand entrance gate at Camping Aourir.
Gerlinde and Lahcen Mokhlis at the entrance of the campsite.

In 2011 the time had come, after years of planning and organization, the two could finally open the campsite behind Aourir. The condition at that time was not comparable with today’s and had only very rudimentary pitches to offer, but they could be rented at a very reasonable price. At that time, another partner was also involved in the camping project, but in the course of time, they parted ways in order to be able to pursue more possibilities in the development of the campsite.

You can find glimpses of that time in our blog post about the early years of the campsite.

Today the campsite has grown and is now managed by the whole family. The campsite defines itself as a Moroccan campsite dedicated to the spirit of tradition and normality. Camping Aouir sees itself as a quiet resort for camping adventurers who want to experience more of Morocco.

What can you expect at the campsite

Camping pitches

Camping Aourir Camping Pitches

The campsite has over 100 pitches which are offered in different sizes. There are two price categories which are offered regardless of the pitch size.

The standard pitches and the comfort pitches – which has a water and sewage connection.

For camping with tents there is an extra terrain available, here there are trees and shady areas. In principle, camping with tents is also possible on any other camping pitch on the campsite. If you want to rent tents, we can offer you 2-3 persons or 4-5 persons tents.

Outside the season no reservation is necessary, but for the main season, which lasts from the end of September to the end of March, we recommend a reservation.

Sanitary buildings and facilities

The campsite has two sanitary buildings, one on each side of the campsite. There you will find the showers, toilets and washing facilities for daily personal sanitation.

The showers are included in the price of the overnight stay and of course there is hot water.

At the sanitary buildings are also the sinks for your daily crockery and textile cleaning located outside. For laundry service there are 3 additional washing machines, the operation of these requires coins which can be purchased at the reception for small money. There are also clotheslines for drying clothes.

For the disposal of chemical toilets and waste water from motor homes and caravans there are two extra areas where you can do this. One of the areas is easily accessible by motorhome, the second is only accessible on foot with the canister in hand. You can find these areas on our campsite map.

Our camping apartments

Behind the reception there is a long building with three apartments of different sizes which can be rented. Also here we recommend to make a reservation in the main season.

The apartments are suitable for individuals or couples, or even for larger groups of up to 5 people. Bringing pets is not a problem, but should be subject to a certain care! Cooking is also allowed in the apartments, of course, meals can be ordered in the restaurant and delivered to the apartments.

Please also take a look at our house rules so that no misunderstandings arise with hindsight.

Restaurant and swimming pool

There is also a restaurant and a swimming pool on the campsite – the swimming pool is free of charge for camping guests. The restaurant also delivers directly to the pitch within its opening hours.

The restaurant La Petite Tente Bleue

Our small restaurant “La Petite Tente Bleue” is open during the general opening hours of the campsite. Depending on the season, the restaurant may also be closed – information about this will be communicated on this page or on our social media channels.

The restaurant corresponds to a standard classification and offers typical Moroccan dishes, which are prepared with love but offered at a reasonable price. You can find out more about our restaurant and the menu is also available here.

The swimming pool

Our swimming pool is 10 meters wide and 22 meters long and at the deepest point about 1.50 meters deep. The swimming pool has a small non-swimmer or toddler area.

For campers the use of the swimming pool is free of charge, for external guests the prices are shown in our price list. There are rules for the use of the swimming pool and it is forbidden to leave children without supervision at the swimming pool.

The pool is regularly maintained and the quality of the water is checked. During the main season and also in the summer months when our swimming pool is often visited by families and young people from the surrounding area, a lifeguard is on site.

Additional activities and services

For all needs of our guests we are there and help to the best of our knowledge and awareness. If you have problems with the Internet, need health services or repairs to your travel vehicle become apparent – no problem, in our reception you will always have an open ear for your questions. The most important thing for us is to give you the right advice, we know that trust is the most important thing here!

Small supermarket at the campsite

A small supermarket for the most necessary needs can be found on the campsite – but this is mainly in the high season. The supermarket is then leased to a local store here in Aourir. If this is the case, we are not responsible for the prices or services there and please to clarify this directly with the leaser. Certainly we can assist as an intermediary.

Also new gas bottles can be purchased here for your camping needs, matching valves or flanges are also available.

Visit of salesmen and services on site

In the high season several times a week regional suppliers come to the campsite with fresh vegetables and fruits or pastries and bread as well as fish and meat. This is a service which is not regulated by us and where we do not earn any revenue. We find it quite meaningful, however, we support thereby not only the service to you as well as rather the earnings of small and medium-size dealers from the surrounding area.

On the campsite itself there is a small saddle service that takes care of minor repairs to tents, awnings and coverings of any kind. The saddler is a trustworthy person whom we also entrust all hand at work.

Guided hiking tour

Also mainly in the high season we offer guided walks in the surrounding area. With us you can book a circuit around the campsite, to the hot springs of M’Hand or in the valleys of the surrounding area and the Paradise Valley.

For guided hikes there are no costs which you have to pay to the campsite – guided hikes by our staff are basically free of charge. If the hikes are offered by an external guide, the price must be negotiated with him – often a meal is offered in a village on the route.

We highly recommend such activities, as they give you an exclusive insight into the local area and the life of the local people. You can find a few hiking stories in our blog.

Rides to shopping centers, souks and pharmacy or doctors

Depending on the possibility, campers or smaller groups can contact the reception and we will organize rides to shopping centers in Agadir or to the souk. Also in such a case orders can be placed.

We also assist with visits to pharmacies and doctors. We can advise the right places for you to go, drive you there and be a translator, should this be necessary.

Events and sports competitions

If there are enough camping guests and they like to do activities together, we are happy to offer this and thus support the sense of community. There have been some exciting activities in this regard in the past. From Amazigh language courses (Taschelhit), to cooking events where of course the Moroccan cuisine was introduced, pétanque competitions and more. Learn more here in our blog.

If you are interested, please contact the reception or Gerlinde directly.

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