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General Terms and Conditions for the campsite Camping Aourir

Below we list our general Terms and Conditions for the campsite Camping Aourir.
The general campsite rules are not part of these general terms and conditions, but must also be respected by camping guests. By booking a stay at our campsite you accept these general terms and conditions as well as the campsite rules – complete and undertake to keep them. You can find our campsite rules under this link – these campsite rules are updated under certain circumstances (campsite rules 128 Kb PDF).

1. Scope of application

The following terms and conditions govern the mutual rights and obligations between the campsite Aourir and the management as an operator of the campsite and its own website. For the contractual services of the booking period, only documents in printed form are valid. Telephone agreements, ancillary agreements and other agreements of any kind, require the written form and confirmation by the campsite management to be effective.

2. Booking

Reservations can be made by telephone, personally, in written form or by fax and e-mail. By signing up and booking a stay at the campsite, the customer makes the binding conclusion of a camping contract. The campsite agreement is concluded only with a written confirmation of acceptance by the campsite management and the receipt of the deposit.

We would like to ensure with these terms and conditions, that the campsite management reserves the right to change your booking if this is necessary for special reasons. The campsite management tries to inform customers as soon as possible.  The campsite management can withdraw from the camping contract before the contract begins. This is possible if the rented property can not be made available after conclusion of contract due to unforeseeable force majeure. In this case, all the amounts paid will be refunded to the guest. Any further claims are expressly excluded. In this case, the campsite management undertakes to notify the campsite immediately of the non-availability of the rental property. In addition, the campsite management is entitled to terminate the camping contract without notice, if the camping guest endangers others, endangers the property in contravention of the contract or otherwise behaves in breach of contract. In this case, the guest has to pay all the rental price agreed with the campsite management.

3. Deposit and Payment

A deposit of 50% of the accommodation costs will be charged. This is due at the date indicated in the booking confirmation. The balance is payable upon arrival at the campsite. In the case of short-term bookings (immediately or 14 days before the arrival date), the entire accommodation charge is due. In the case of a non-payment to the specified date by the guest, the campsite management may re-rent / sublet the pitch or apartment.

The current price list of the campsite applies. This price list can be viewed at the reception or you can find this on this website here. The rental price is payable by bank transfer, EC card or cash.

A cancellation by the campsite guest can be made at any time to the management of the campsite. Through a written or oral declaration of withdrawal from the camping contract. A written confirmation by the campsite management is mandatory. Decisive in the case of rescission is the date of the withdrawal declaration at the campsite management. If the campsite visitor withdraws from the camping contract, the campsite management may demand the following reasonable compensation:

  • Cancellation up to 75 days before arrival 10% of the rental price
  • Cancellation up to 45 days before arrival 25% of the rental price
  • Cancellation up to 30 days before arrival 50% of the rental price
  • Cancellation up to 7 days prior to arrival 80% of rental price

In the case of a later cancellation or a previous departure, the guest is obliged to pay the full rent. The camping guest reserves the right to prove that the campsite management has not suffered any damage or that this is much lower than the agreed costs.

4. Security deposit for rented caravans or apartments

In case of the accommodation we charge a deposit of 500,00 MAD (Moroccan Dirham). After the final acceptance at the end of the rental period of the caravan / apartment the guest is entitled to the repayment of the deposit. In the case of a return with impurities, in the event of damage or missing inventory, the campsite management can withhold the entire deposit or create a retro-calculation. The claim is immediately due in this case. Any claims of the campsite management which are claimed later will not be affected by the repayment of the deposit.

During the stay the guest is responsible for the cleaning. On departure, it must be noted that the caravan / apartment needs to be handed over properly cleaned. This includes: sweeping the floor, cleaning all cooking utensils (including dishes / cutlery) emptying the refrigerator, disposal of waste and sewage. For caravans with toilets or when they are used, they should be emptied. The water tanks are to be refilled. The apartments are cleaned by our staff.

5. Arrival and departure

The rental object is available to the camping guest from 1 pm on the day of arrival. An arrival is only possible within the opening hours (08:00 to 20:00). Other times are only possible in consultation with the camping management. The use of a parking space in the immediate vicinity of the rental property is not agreed. The rental property is to be left in good condition on the day of departure until 11:00 am (pitches until 12:00). Apartements are cleaned by our staff. A later departure must be permitted by the campsite management in advance. If your arrival is significantly delayed, please let us know. If no notification is given, we can only leave the rental object for you until 18:00 hrs of the agreed arrival day and will then assign it otherwise without compensation. In case of early departure, the entire rental price will be charged. In case of a expelling and the associated early departure, the complete rental price will also be charged.

6. The use of the campsite, caravan or apartment

The rental object like a caravan or an apartment can only be used by the number of persons who registered for it. This is of course also true for the campsite itself – visitors of campsite guests must be registered in advance. The reserving person is personally liable for all obligations resulting from the reservation or stay, both for himself and for all registered persons or visitors. It is the responsibility of the guest to make the campsite management aware of basic defects and defects in the inventory, before using the rented property. In addition, the campsite rules which are posted at the reception are to be followed!

7. Duties

With these terms and conditions we strive to achieve that all the camping guest are generally responsible for a well-being of all, which should not be disturbed by a own misconduct or wrongdoing! Keeping the cleanliness of the place as you would like to be able to find and avoiding noisy noise – especially in the evening hours. When camping guests return late in the evening from a trip a quiet behavior is expected! In addition, the campsite rules which are posted at the reception are to be followed! The campers are personally liable for all obligations resulting from the conclusion of the camping contract. This also applies to the third parties whom he has registered. Dogs are allowed on the campsite only with a dog leash. Unhinged dogs need a muzzle. In the case of small dogs, an exception can be made in agreement with the campsite management.

8. House law

The campsite management and its staff are in possession of the house law. In any case, his instructions must be immediately followed. The campsite management is entitled to refuse the accommodation of persons (even if a prior registration is made) or to expell them if this appears necessary in the event of violations of the campsite regulations and rules or in the interests of the other camping guests.

9. Place assignment

Please follow the instructions of the campsite management or its staff when setting up caravans and tents. Unauthorized conversion and change of place is not permitted! Care must be taken that no one is endangered or harassed by tent lines, tent pegs or other camping accessories. The campsite management expressly does not accept any liability for damages to caravans, tents, motor vehicles and their accessories as well as theft.

10. Grilling and fire

Open ground-engaging fire is not permitted throughout the campsite. An exception is the official fire site, but the campsite management is informed in advance of a planned fire or grilling. The operation of an approved charcoal grill or gas grill or electric grill with a ground clearance of approx. 40 cm is permitted with regard to the fire protection and avoidable harassment of the other guests.

11. The use of our swimming pool

The swimming pool is free for camping guests. Non-campers must register at the reception and pay for their use. Children under the age of 15 may only use the swimming pool under supervision by their parents. Loud music and wild behavior or similar is forbidden in / at the swimming pool, we would like that all guests can spend their time in relaxation. It is forbidden to shower or to wash in or on the pool with soap or similar products. For this purpose, showers are available in our sanitary buildings. The swimming pool is used at your own risk. No liability is accepted by the campsite management. Dogs are not allowed in the swimming pool.

12. Liability

The campsite management neither the campsite owner is liable for damages caused by wrong use or the fundamental failure or disruption of the water, electricity, oil and gas supply. As well as as a result of noise from camping guests or third parties. Furthermore, the campsite management or the campsite owner is not liable in case of negligent breach of duty for damages caused by the use of the facilities or equipment or arrangements on the campsite grounds. This also applies to minor negligent breaches of duty by the legal representatives, vicarious agents or employees of the campsite. The camping guest is liable for all damages resulting from damaged power plants or incorrect use of these facilities, or more precisely – everything after the installed power distribution system. This also applies to all other installations.

13. Complaints

Any complaints regarding the rented property must be reported immediately to the campsite management by the camping guest. The assertion of defects is excluded if these have not been indicated directly to the campsite management during the stay of the camping guest. An appropriate period for remedying the defect shall be set.

14. Final provisions

  • The camping guest confirms that the personal data are correct.
  • The camping guest accepts this general terms and conditions of the Camping Aourir, including the campsite rules by paying the rent.
  • With these terms and conditions you undertake the statutory provisions and the law of the Kingdom of Morocco to apply.
  • Jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the camping contract is for both sides Rabat.
  • Should individual provisions of this terms and conditions of the Camping Aourir be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.
  • The wholly or partly ineffective regulation is to be replaced by a regulation whose economic success comes as close as possible to that of the ineffective.

Camping-Aourir, 80000 Aourir (Morocco)
Last update: February 2017

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