Moroccan Mountains Excursion

Moroccan Mountains Excursion

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Mountains excursion between Irhirimched and Timoulay, in the hinterland of Agadir-Ida ou Tanane

Our Mountains excursion takes us between Irhirimched and Timoulay, in the hinterland of Agadir-Ida or Tanane (Morocco).

Today we took a break and visited an old friend and almond farmer in the hinterland of Agadir-Ida ou Tanane, a special Mountains excursion. The special thing of this mountain tour is the inaccessible area and the high location. The breathtaking views in the mountains, along our way, compensates this in any case. There are also many fossils here – these are often just on the way, lie around there! On many places you are above the clouds and you feel so free!

It takes some time for us to reach our destination. The roads are actually slopes and partially unpaved roads, there may also be problems if the track is spilled or partially slipped. What is also very difficult is when a car or even a truck comes to meet you on the narrow track! For a four-wheel drive vehicle, we make a recommendation, at least it should be a vehicle which should have an extended ground clearance!

If you have made the trip, you will also be rewarded with a great view! There is a very special view directly from our friends farm, down a gorge into the valley where the two villages Irhirimched and Timoulay are located – but see for yourself.

More pictures of this excursion can be found in our Flickr account.


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